America is supposedly the land of opportunity, and if one puts in the hard work, their life can be turned around. Many people come to America for a better life for themselves or for their family in their homeland. The transition from nothing to better is the popular notion that we call the American Dream. Many people are attracted to leaving their past behind, and turning their lives around, and that number is rising quickly and continuously. According to Christopher Jencks, an American social scientist, “Post-1965 immigrants and their descendants will make up almost half the total population by 2050.” Immigrants are a growing percentage of the population, and they are having more and more of an impact as a result of it. The number of immigrants plays a critical role in the economy; some people argue that the immigrants are helping the economy while others argue that the immigrants are hurting the economy.


The people who are against immigration are the American citizens who believe that the immigrants are directly affecting them and costing them more money. More people are coming into the country both legally and illegally, so it is becoming more expensive for the government to maintain the many services they give to the population. The services are becoming a larger cost, so more money needs to go into the government, and the way this is done– taxes. For taxing people, wages matter for determining how much money goes to taxes. Immigrants are typically paid lower wages, so less of their paychecks go into the government. To have the same amount of money to go into the government from the population, this means that the upper class people have to pay higher taxes. For that reason, some American citizens believe that immigrants cost money, and are driving up taxes. In addition to paying lower taxes, the lower wages make immigrants more likely to be eligible for different types of government aids such as food stamps.


While immigrants affect rich people negatively when it comes to taxes, immigrants have more of a positive consumer impact. Immigrants are paid a lower wage, so this means that it is cheaper to produce a product. With a lower cost of  production, the final cost for purchase will most likely be lower.  When workers are paid less, the CEO’s of companies can earn more money because the cost of labor would have gone down.  Because CEO’s can earn more money, and many things are cheaper for the consumer, some Americans citizens make the argument that immigrants are helping the economy.
However, the effects that immigrants have on the economy may not stay the same forever. Every generation of immigrants will have a different experience and role in society. The first generation of immigrants come with many challenges for assimilation and many grounded traditions. The children of immigrants and the descendants of the immigrants will have a vastly different role in society than the first generation immigrants. The later generations would have gone through the school in the United States, and there probably would not be a language barrier. In the long time from now, the immigrants could potentially have very few cultural differences from those of Americans.


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